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Meeting A Challenging Environment

In today’s challenging health care environment, VAL Health’s core capabilities drive the success of ambitious innovations, at health plans, hospital systems, and digital health firms. Download our white papers today, to earn how our proven science supercharges the impact of you engagement and behavior change initiatives.

Driving Telemedicine Adoption with Behavioral Economics

For consumers, health systems, and health plans, telemedicine utilization represents a significant opportunity to improve patient care, enhance satisfaction through convenience, and right-size the cost of care, by steering patients away from unnecessarily higher cost settings.

Adoption of telemedicine, by both consumers and providers, nonetheless represents a challenge for health systems and health plans. New behaviors, associated with care, are required; and change in never easy.

Learn how VAL Health employed a combination of behavioral economics tools to dramatically increase one client’s telemedicine adoption

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Digital Health Engagement

VAL Health applied behavioral economics principles to online and offline communications for a leading digital population health management program. Enhancements were also made to the user journey, focusing on initial engagement and the completion of targeted health actions. 

Download our whitepaper to read the detailed results and an overview of using behavioral economics to improve the effectiveness of digital health programs.

Email open rates increased by 5x and a 66% app download rate was achieved within 1 week

Engagement with Patient Portals

Leading health systems across the nation are investing energy and resources to enhance patient experiences through convenient online access to records, scheduling and other services.

VAL Health worked with Sutter Health, a 100 hospital not-for-profit network, to develop strategic communications that dramatically lifted online portal use and online scheduling.

This white paper explores the issues associated with changing patient behavior, to build use of this capability, and emerging digital tools in general: