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Health Behavior Change

Nudge the unengaged


Explore how we apply behavioral economics to improve health and health care

Drive Engagement

We design financial and non-financial incentives to drive one-time and ongoing health behaviors

  • Increase use of health and wellness programs
  • Improve care plan adherence
  • Drive one-time activities
  • Sustain ongoing engagement


Embedded choice architecture, framing, and gamification into user journey to drive registration and ongoing engagement

Developed emails and SMS messages to recapture disengaged users

Implemented VAL Health Rewards financial incentives with digital smoking cessation program and achieved 3.2x the rate of program completion and 44% higher quit rates

Change Behaviors

We develop customized health behavior change solutions using choice architecture, framing language, social design, and financial rewards

  • Increase adoption of digital tools
  • Encourage appropriate use of care
  • Drive member selection of preferred plans
  • Influence provider behaviors


Created strategically timed and framed communications to increase Center of Excellence (CoE) use

Applied choice architecture and framing in plan design and presentation to increase HDHP selection and HSA contributions

Prioritized patient decision aids and developed physician adoption strategy for shared decision making (SDM)

Enhance Communications

We simplify messaging and incorporate framing into communications to activate your audience and drive health behavior change

  • Increase call center effectiveness
  • Drive program awareness
  • Improve benefits comprehension


Developed call center scripts and staff sound bites to increase telehealth adoption by 3x

Crafted simplified member- and broker-facing materials to steer members to appropriate plan usage

Designed calendar-year program and communications strategy to drive awareness and engagement

Improve Quality Measures

We create member- and clinician-facing solutions to support achievement of quality goals

  • Improve HEDIS scores
  • Reduce gaps in care
  • Increase preventive screening rates
  • Drive MPR and medication adherence


Developed member marketing collateral and call center scripts with strategic framing to increase mammography rates 20%

Redesigned EHR choice architecture yielding a 25% increase in physicians’ colonoscopy order rates

Created frequent reminders and feedback report emails for patients to drive a 33% increase in medication adherence

Increase Financial Incentives Impact

We provide both customized and turnkey incentive solutions to make your dollars go further while increasing engagement

  • Develop custom incentives programs for members, brokers, and providers
  • Implement turnkey incentives program, VAL Health Rewards
  • Decrease incentives costs and maximize impact of spend


Implemented VAL Health Rewards and increased HRA completion rate 2.4x at 50% of the cost

Implemented VAL Health Rewards and increased tobacco cessation engagement 38% at 10% of the cost

Designed custom financial incentives strategy to drive initial and sustained engagement with condition management app


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