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VAL Health Rewards Financial Incentives Program

The financial incentives program built on evidence


Drive Engagement

VAL Health Rewards is the behavioral economics based incentives program that drives engagement while controlling or even reducing financial incentive spend. It has been designed from the ground up to work with your existing health or wellness solutions. Built on the behavioral economics evidence of our academic co-founders, VAL Heath Rewards is optimized through real-world usage and best practices.

Increased Engagement  - Our proven programs nudge unengaged participants to change their behavior.

Increased Engagement
Our proven programs nudge unengaged participants to change their behavior, and reward engaged participants for a job well done.

Decreased Costs  - A unique incentive design lowers participant-level incentive costs even as it increases engagement.

Decreased Costs 
An innovative incentive design lowers participant-level financial incentive costs even while increasing program engagement.


The Participant Experience

Participants experience VAL Health Rewards through weekly, personalized emails and SMS messages designed to nudge unengaged participants. Rewards programs run for 4 weeks to 4 months, depending on the complexity of the targeted behavior.

VHR Contests has a series of drawings that reward engaged participants while incorporating regret to drive behavior change in the unengaged.

VHR Accounts uses a “virtual” account where participants can lose a portion of their rewards if they fail to engage.

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Easy to Integrate and White Label

VAL Health Rewards complements a wide range of health or wellness solutions including

  • Digital health apps
  • Telephonic coaching programs
  • Diabetes management programs
  • HRA completion
  • Online portal registration
  • Telemedicine service
  • Walking programs
  • Tobacco Cessation programs

A simple CSV file transfer or API integration with your current health or wellness program is all that is needed to run a VAL Health Rewards program.

Measure your impact

Each VAL Health Rewards program includes a real-time admin dashboard for you to track your populations’ participation, engagement, and financial incentives spend.


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