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Behavioral Economics solutions drive engagement through financial and non-financial incentives

Digital Health Engagement

VAL Health applied behavioral economics principles to online and offline communications for a leading digital population health management program. Enhancements were also made to the user journey, focusing on initial engagement and the completion of targeted health actions.  The non-financial incentives increased digital health app engagement and email open rates.

Download our whitepaper to read the detailed results and an overview of using non-financial incentives to improve the effectiveness of digital health programs.

Email open rates increased by 5x and a 66% app download rate was achieved within 1 week


Tobacco Cessation Program Engagement

VAL Health recently completed an NIH-funded study measuring the efficacy of VAL Health Rewards, the behavioral economics-based financial incentives program, on digital smoking cessation program engagement.

VAL Health Rewards drove a 200% increase in the number of digital smoking cessation sessions completed and 3x the rate of sustained ongoing engagement.

Download our whitepaper to read the detailed results and an overview of best practice recommendations to improve the effectiveness of health and wellness programs.

17.9% quit rate with VAL Health Rewards.