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Behavioral Economics White Papers

Insights to Action


Learn how our science leads to actionable solutions that create valuable behavior change for clients like you.

  • Behavioral Economics: The Last Mile for Health Engagement. Learn how we enhanced messages of all types, with email increasing online scheduling 4.9X, calls leading to 2X increase in PCP selection, and direct mail lifting enrollment 9%.

  • Driving telehealth adoption with behavioral economics: Explore how we increased telehealth primary care visits 2.9X, specialty care visits by 40%, and urgent care visits by 33%.

  • Increasing Engagement with Patient Portals: See how we delivered a 4.9x increase in online scheduling for Sutter Health, a not-for-profit health system.

  • Digital Health Engagement: Discover how the application of behavioral economics fueled a 5X increase in email open rates and a 66% increase in app downloads, in one week.

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