VAL Health

Patient Engagement & Provider Incentives

Nudge decisions that drive quality


Explore how we change behavior across the care continuum using patient engagement strategies and staff and provider incentives

Improve Quality


  • Reduce readmissions
  • Increase use of remote patient monitoring programs
  • Direct members to appropriate care settings
  • Improve MIPS scores and support APM models


Do you need to close care gaps to drive quality?

A large innovative regional health system aimed to increase community mammography rates. We developed targeted direct mail pieces using our Behavioral Economics Toolkit to drive eligible women to:
  • Become aware of the service
  • Understand benefits of preventive care
  • Schedule a mammogram

Drive Patient Engagement


  • Increase care plan adherence
  • Drive telehealth adoption
  • Increase patient portal use
  • Improve population health management


Do you have a new technology, service, or product that you want your patients to use?

To support a market-leading integrated health system’s goals, we developed a multi-pronged approach to increase telehealth adoption using our Behavioral Economics Toolkit. Staff- and provider-focused solutions increased patient acceptance of virtual visits, and a patient-focused redesign of the online scheduling process improved telehealth appointment rates. Results included:
  • 2.9x increase in Primary Care telehealth appointments
  • 5x improvement in Pediatric telehealth appointments
  • 3x telehealth visits in specialty department

Change Provider And Staff Behavior


  • Increase appropriate use of high value services
  • Reduce unnecessary care
  • Increase in-network referrals
  • Increase impact of staff and provider incentives


Do you need to change provider behavior?

A leading academic medical center needed to increase preventive screening rates. To achieve this, we redesigned the choice architecture of the electronic medical record (EMR) using our Behavioral Economics Toolkit, leading to:
  • 25% increase in physicians’ colonoscopy order rates
  • Improvement in patient completion rates of colonoscopies

Sample Deliverables

  • Medication adherence program
  • Website and app enhancements
  • Financial incentives
  • Email, direct mail, and SMS content
  • Call center and IVR scripts
  • In-office patient communications
  • Provider engagement strategy
  • EMR workflow optimization
  • Pilot testing