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Drive member engagement where you need it


VAL Health’s consulting teams create actionable and impactful solutions for health plans. Explore how we deliver stakeholder behavior change to improve population health, close care gaps, and reduce costs.

Drive Engagement


  • Increase use of condition management and wellness programs
  • Direct members to telehealth or appropriate care setting
  • Increase portal and consumer tool use
  • Engage providers


Do you have a benefit, service, or program that you want members to use more?

To increase engagement in a preventive care program, we developed a comprehensive member communications strategy to be delivered through both the payer and the employer. Multi-channel solutions, including emails, newsletters, and phone outreach, targeted members with distinct messages based on their readiness to change and used elements from our Behavioral Economics Toolkit to:
  • Drive program awareness
  • Increase program enrollment
  • Complete the program

Close Care Gaps


  • Improve Star, HEDIS, CAHPS, and HOS measures
  • Increase member engagement with preventive care
  • Increase health assessment completion
  • Drive medication adherence
  • Create provider incentives


Do you need to improve quality measures?

A health plan needing to drive quality improvements partnered with us to close care gaps. To maximize impact, we prioritized member segments and used our Behavioral Economics Toolkit to create targeted direct mail letters as well as inbound and outbound call center scripts. Results included:
  • 20% increase in mammography rates
  • 35% increase in child vaccinations
  • 40% increase in HbA1c testing

Communicate Clearly with Stakeholders


  • Influence provider behaviors
  • Enhance benefits communications
  • Increase new sales and renewals retention rates
  • Increase adoption of preferred plans


Are members not using your benefits as intended?

A leading Blues plan wanted their members to better understand their health coverage and more appropriately use high- and low-value services. Drawing on our Behavioral Economics Toolkit, we developed member-facing communications, including a new member onboarding kit, to nudge members to:
  • Complete their annual physical and preventive screenings
  • Use in-network providers
  • Visit the appropriate care setting

Enhance Financial Incentives Programs


  • Improve participation
  • Sustain member engagement
  • Lower incentives spend


Do you need results but have limited budget for financial incentives?

We integrated our turnkey incentives platform, VAL Health Rewards, with a digital smoking cessation program to increase engagement and improve outcomes over the course of a six-month program. Specifically, we delivered:
  • 2x as many program sessions completed
  • 3.2x as many participants completing the program
  • 1.5x as many smokers quitting
  • Optimized financial incentives spend

Sample Deliverables

  • Email and SMS content

  • Print marketing copy

  • Website and app enhancements

  • Call center and IVR scripts

  • Adherence programs

  • Gamification tools

  • Financial incentives

  • Pilot testing

  • Member messaging

  • Broker communications

  • Premium increase and termination letters

  • Product design