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Digital Health Engagement

Maximize digital health engagement


Explore how we nudge users to engage with new and established digital health solutions

Drive Registration


  • Generate program awareness
  • Drive users to sign up
  • Reduce drop-off during registration and onboarding


Do you need more people to use your solution?

To increase enrollment in a digital preventive care program, we developed a cross-channel communications strategy and detailed content to direct members to register. Deliverables incorporated elements from our Behavioral Economics Toolkit to drive members to:
  • Become aware of program
  • Visit program’s website
  • Enroll in program

Sustain Ongoing Engagement


  • Drive online activities
  • Participate in offline activities
  • Habituate desired behaviors


Do you have a digital solution that consumers aren’t using frequently enough?

To achieve sustained engagement in a new chronic condition management program, we created broad and focused strategic solutions to habituate desired behaviors and keep consumers coming back. Using our Behavioral Economics Toolkit, we nudged consumers to:
  • Set and complete a goal
  • Participate in a peer mentorship program
  • Use app regularly
  • Remain engaged over time

Re-Engage Users


  • Prompt users to log back in
  • Drive users to take a call or attend a meeting
  • Nudge users to start a new activity


Are your users dropping off?

To recapture inactive users, we developed a multi-channel re-engagement strategy. The series of push notifications, emails, and text messages drew on numerous elements from our Behavioral Economics Toolkit to nudge users to:
  • Log back in
  • Set a new goal
  • Reconnect with their health coach

Design Financial Incentives Strategy


  • Drive registration
  • Sustain engagement
  • Maximize impact of incentives spend


Do you need effective incentives to keep users engaged?

To drive lasting engagement in a condition management app, we designed a custom incentives program including gamification and cross-module financial elements. Drawing on multiple elements from our Behavioral Economics Toolkit, we compelled users to:
  • Complete registration
  • Commit to personalized goals
  • Engage with multiple program modules
  • Participate in campaign-based activities throughout the year

Sample Deliverables

  • Website and app enhancements
  • User journey optimization
  • Email and SMS content
  • Call center and IVR scripts
  • Print marketing copy
  • Gamification tools
  • Financial incentives
  • Pilot testing