VAL Health

Client Page Test (Pharma)

Achieve lasting engagement with digital health products


Explore how we nudge users to engage with new and established digital health solutions

Drive Digital Health Engagement


  • Increase registration
  • Sustain ongoing engagement
  • Design incentives strategy


Do you want patients to engage with your digital solution?

To support a global medical device company’s new chronic condition management program, we designed a multifaceted incentives program to drive registration and ongoing engagement. Using our Behavioral Economics Toolkit, we nudged consumers to:
  • Complete initial registration and login
  • Enable notifications
  • Engage in daily activities
  • Set and complete a goal

Improve Adherence


  • Increase medication possession ratio
  • Increase adherence to medication regimens
  • Drive appropriate use of medical products
  • Improve engagement with coaching solution


Do you need to improve medication adherence?

To increase medication adherence following a cardiac event, we integrated a monitoring technology with an interactive, email-based social solution using our Behavioral Economics Toolkit leading to:
  • 33% increase in medication adherence

Increase Study Participation


  • Improve patient and provider registration rates
  • Increase sustained engagement
  • Maximize impact of incentives spend


Do you need to accelerate study participation?

To recruit patients for a clinical trial, we developed a two-pronged strategy including social media and providers. Drawing on our Behavioral Economics Toolkit, we created targeted digital ads and physical materials and soundbites for provider offices, which:
  • Achieved target participation rate within the designated recruitment period
  • Minimized recruitment spend

Sample Deliverables

  • Email and SMS content
  • Print marketing copy
  • Website and app enhancements
  • Call center and IVR scripts
  • Member messaging
  • Broker communications
  • Premium increase and termination letters
  • Product design
  • Adherence programs
  • Gamification tools
  • Financial incentives
  • Pilot testing