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Behavioral Economics Thought Leadership

Leaders in health engagement


We are the recognized thought leaders in health behavioral economics.

The VAL Health team includes strategists, technologists, academics, and physicians. We bring the latest research and thought leadership in health behavioral economics to market through our consulting practice and our rewards program, VAL Health Rewards.

A proven approach to behavior change

Our founding academics pioneered the field of health behavioral economics. Their thought leadership and research on smoking cessation, weight loss, medication adherence, diabetes program engagement, walking programs and HRA participation is regularly published in leading peer-reviewed journals such as The New England Journal of Medicine, The Journal of the American Medical Association, and Annals of Internal Medicine.

Make research actionable

Research-backed evidence fuels our consulting recommendations and cutting-edge rewards program, VAL Health Rewards. Our solutions generate significant savings—recent programs reduced incentive spend by over 47% while increasing engagement by over 2.4 times.

Experience across the health care industry

VAL Health delivers results across the health care industry through digital health engagement, increasing consumerism, closing gaps in care, and optimizing financial incentives for members, patients, consumers and providers. Clients include health plans, digital health companies, Fortune 100 employers, and pharmaceutical companies.

How one offers incentives is often more important than the size of the incentives.
— Dr Kevin Volpp